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foto ceramica

An exquisite range of ceramic tiles and hand-built pieces, decorated with photographic images, using the
Gum Bi-Chromate process.

“This reclaimed process has been developed for use with bisqued ceramic ware, which enables me to use different clay bodies and fire the work across all temperatures from raku to stoneware. A range of colouring oxides, pigments and engobes are used and work can be left unglazed or glazed.

I make a range of ceramic pieces that include tiles, vases, boxes and bowls. The underlying impulse of my work is the literal ‘fixing’ of images that are becoming increasingly ephemeral.

Each piece is unique and decorated with my own photographic images and archival images from local collections. I am happy to take commissions for work using your own images.”

To purchase a piece from the collection or to enquire about a commission please click here.

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